Any-Melon Agua Fresca

Any-Melon Agua Fresca | ChopChop


This drink is popular in Mexico and some other Latin American countries, and if you’ve ever eaten in a taqueria (taco shop), you may have seen different flavors of it in the clear drink dispensers. Agua fresca means “fresh water” in Spanish—which gives you a sense of how light and refreshing this drink is. You can use any melon, as long as it’s ripe and flavorful. You can even mix two kinds together.
By Adam Ried 

Hands-on time: 15 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes
Makes: 4 Servings

Kitchen Gear: 

Measuring cup
Measuring spoons
(adult needed)
Small spoon 


4 cups
(11⁄2–2 pounds) cold, seedless melon chunks, including watermelon, honeydew, or cantaloupe
1 cup
very cold water
1 tablespoon
fresh lime juice
1 tablespoon
honey (if you like)


  1. Put the melon chunks, water, lime juice, salt, and honey (if using) in the blender. Put the lid on tightly.
  2. Turn the blender to medium and blend until the mixture is liquidy and smooth. Turn the machine off, and use the small spoon to taste the mixture. Does it need a bit more lime juice? A squeeze of honey? If so, add it, blend, and taste again. If you add more lime juice or honey, put the lid back on the blender tightly, turn the blender to medium, and blend for about 5 more seconds.
  3. Serve right away, or cover and refrigerate up to 4 hours. If you refrigerate it, give the drink a quick stir before serving.